When I first set-up Martin Huth IT Solutions, it was just myself in the spare room of our flat developing software freelance on the side.

Only a few years later and we’re releasing the third version of our in-house developed software to great acclaim.

The new Sharehigh Pro software has taken what we envisioned with the first Martin Huth project and developed those ideas into a unique product which we know our customers will love.

We’ve been offering tailored IT solutions packages since we started but now our customers can pick and mix their options in a way which makes the product unique to their business.

At the moment, we’re still in the very latest stages of development and so we’ve made it free for developers who we think will be able to make fantastic progress on what we’ve built.

We’ve still got another two years before the final product is released but we’ve already put a skeleton in place whereby we know its key offerings, although we’re keeping some under our hats!

We know that our customers depend on accuracy. It’s in their watches, it’s in their email communications, so why isn’t it in their business dealings?

Market approximations can vary up to 10% either way so we know there’s a huge amount of variation in the figures our competitors show, we aim to be the most accurate software ever built for the market.

In short, we want to become the benchmark for our competitors to match while offering the same great value we have always done.

We may not be the cheapest product on the market but when you calculate the costs of all those missed deals, early sells or inaccurate data, we know we bring value to our customers’ operations.

For example, have you ever been in a meeting and realised you’ve brought your daughter’s homework on a memory stick by mistake?

All Martin Huth products are now synced with our cloud-based workstation which is fully encrypted so that the only person able to access your data is you.

Martin Huth MD

Martin Huth reviewed recent article in Forbes “Why I Choose Software Over A Human For Investment Advice”. At first glance, it makes sense to replace human-led transactions where possible. Software is not influenced by emotions, has no conflicts of interest and the space for human error is significantly decreased (judging of course that the software is any good).

It appears that Online Investment firms are great options for smaller investors, who do not require a customized portfolio, but what about those with significant assets?  Sometimes the online option can have serious limitations. For example, laddered bonds may be suitable for some larger investors but this is an offering sorely missing from online vendors.

The failing of Online Investment firms is that they only provide investment advice. There are numerous other ways in which wealth enhancement can be achieved. Clients may be advised on investments in tax-deferred plans unrelated to their fund manager and calculating the value of tax-free bonds, capital-loss carryovers or phasing out miscellaneous deductions.  The key is to find a software solution which can handle extraneous factors while accommodating human users where possible.

Last week, Russian police entered a small Russian firm in Moscow. They interviewed the employees for several hours before taking away the firms computers for analysis.

The owner of the company told AFP: “You can imagine how much of a problem it was. We had no backups. We didn’t get anything done for a week as all of our files were gone and we had no email.”

While this may be an extreme example of a need for Cloud computing, and hopefully your computer isn’t under threat from police invasion, but many companies are now turning to the cloud as a cheap IT solution.

Cloud-based services such as Gmail or Dropbox are accessible from any Internet-connected device including smart phones and tablets but ensure that data isn’t lost if a computer is damaged or stolen.

There are still widespread fears about cloud computing however, revolving around the loss of physical controlling your secure data and whether the data can be accessed by third parties.

As a result, the market has gone to extreme lengths to secure data in the cloud and now the industry has become a multi-billion dollar network. Whether cloud computing is the right IT solution for your company depends on how you use it but weighing up the pros and cons could help save you money in the long run.